Covid-19 Safety











safety on THE set

Breck Larson requires CREW, CAST and CLIENTS to follow CDC guidelines on set at all times.  Anyone not willing to comply with guidelines will be dismissed from set. More details in the links to HEALTH DECLARATION and COVID-19 PRODUCTION GUIDELINES.

1. Temperatures of all persons on location will be taken and recorded upon arrival with no-contact thermometer.

2. Wash hands for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer upon arrival to set and frequently throughout the day.

3. Anyone not on camera or standing-by for on-camera will need to wear a facemask PROPERLY at all times.

4. Follow all social distance guidelines set by the Federal, State and Local Governments.

5. Cases, Gear and crew not immediately needed on set will be staged in a separate area whenever possible.  This may be a seprate studio, outside area, or adjacent garage.

6. If lavalier microphones are needed, Audio Technician will wear a face mask and a plastic face shield when putting santized mic and mic pack on talent.

7. Report any COVID-19  SYMPTOMS to Production Management immediately.

8 CAST, CREW, AND CLIENTS will all be required to read and sign the HEALTH DECLARATION and the COVID-19 PRODUCTION GUIDELINES documents. Client may elect to provide their own documents as long as they are at minimum compliance with Breck Larson Productions Documents. Click on the links on this page to download documents.